Who owns you matters

Instagram user @quietobserver about Facebook’s purchase:

I’m not much into protests. But Facebook’s purchase of instagram troubles me. I do think who owns you matters. I joined instagram because it seemed like a realtively non-commercial place to share and observe bits and pieces of people’s lives… a way to see the world. At the least, a form of social media that was iPhone-based… and at its best one that might just make the world grow a little closer together. More like Twitter, LESS like Facebook. I’ve never been interested in pumping content into Facebook. I don’t want the connections I make or the people I follow and the photos I like to be analyzed and sold off to marketers. I’d never want to see my coffeeshop photos used to target me or my followers with Starbucks adverts. Or Travelocity and Priceline because of my airplane pix. I don’t want anyone who follows me to be continually harassed to ‘like this’ or install that or whatever… which is exactly how Facebook makes its money now. I also hate the idea that all the little companies and related innovation that has sprung up around Instagram will now likely be forced out of existence or forced to pay-up if they are to continue. Take a look at your stat “snapshots” page on Statigram today if you have any doubt of what is coming (most of the data is gone) or what we are likely to lose. I doubt Facebook will allow Statigram or the others to manage a Facebook controlled account or even see these statistics… that’s part of the “prize” Facebook is after. I’m not leaving Instagram… yet. At least not until Facebook hits me with a ‘terms of service’ that claims ownership over my “content.” But I’m evaluating what my future participation will be. Also while the sale of Instagram shakes out, I’m downloading a copy of all my IG photos — everything I’ve posted, while I still can. And I encourage you to do the same (visit instaport.me for an easy tool to download your pix). So this is my protest. Who owns you DOES matter. But I’m guessing this protest won’t. Sadly my voice means very little against a billion dollars. But wouldn’t it be nice if the popular page blacked out for a change. Feel free to repost this graphic.

He is right: who owns you does matter.

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