Zazzle’s lack of sense of humor [u] [u2]

Recently developer Marco Arment (the author of Instapaper, a guy you should definitely read and follow) shared its “Useless Mug” via Zazzle, an online shop that prints and delivers mugs, t-shirts and so on.

As a (very small) developer, I’ve been lucky enough to receive an extremely limited number of complaints; when you have millions of users though, you have to deal with people complaining for the weirdest things in the weirdest ways (and, this is the downside of iTunes reviews, with no possibility to reply directly and address issues). So I found the mug extremely funny and I was going to order one this morning, when I read this:

UPDATE: After receiving 116 orders for these mugs today, Zazzle canceled all of them, telling every customer (but not me, yet) that it’s an acceptable-use violation: “Design contains an image or text that may be subject to copyright.” This was just something fun, and I don’t have time to battle them on this. Now I just know that Zazzle sucks, and I’ll never do business with them again.

The word that may be copyright protected should be “Google Buzz”. Or “stars”. Or “mug”. At this point, it could be anything.

Update: the mug is available again.

Update 2 (2012-04-25): Guess what? Settled the dust, the mug has disappeared again…

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